Classic Fall Looks & Inspiration


It’s finally here!!! AUTUMN 2014! It’s been such a #hot summer here in LA, for once in my life, I cannot wait ’till this god-forsaken heat is over, and I can start dressing like a normal person again. I’m not kidding when I say that I literally have not worn pants since March. My idea of getting dressed for work this summer was throwing on a pair of ripped-up cutoff shorts, an oversized tank top and a pair of hightop gladiators- done & done. Not gonna lie though, its actually super nice to be able to be that low maintenance when getting ready in the morning. With that being said, sometimes making the transition from Summer to Fall can be a little tricky. It’s like we forget how to dress ourselves for the real elements of the world. But it doesn’t help that Autumn’s back and fourth weather patterns can end up leading us astray. I say keep it short, bust out the knee highs and boots, and grab a cocoon sweater for later!

Here are a few inspiration pics to kickstart some ideas for a the ‘in between’ Summer to Fall wardrobe.